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Piera Maggio


Missing Denise Pipitone Mp

Missing Denise Pipitone

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Data about Denise:
Born: on October 26th 2000

Eyes and Hair: Brown
Height and Weight: (at the time she went missing) 98 cm 16 kg
Distinguishing Marks: had both ears doubly pierced and a scratch under her left eye
Missing from: September 1st 2004, at about 12 p.m., near her home in Via Domenico la Bruna 6. 91026 - Mazara del Vallo, (TP) Sicily, Italy. 

Photo taken in summer 2004                                                           

Hi Denise,
If you are viewing this website, if you recognise yourself, if some photos - or songs - look familiar to you, please contact us. Love is Hope and we believe in it… With Love we are waiting for your return!

This is how everything started…The morning of September 1, 2004, When the time serving pasta for lunch and Denise Pipitone vanished from the sidewalk in front of the door...>>

 Do you remember?.I’m Piera Maggio – your mother. We are together in this picture >>

 Do you remember?. Some of your favourite cartoons >>

 Do you remember?.Your playfellow, the angel Seraphim, with whom you said your bedtime prayers? >>

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If you have USEFUL information to find Denise, please call this number:
0039 340 5403309
We will not accept calls from private numbers.

For important and serious questions you can contact:
Legal Studio

   e-mail: aiutiamo@cerchiamodenise.org 


 Your songs:
You loved singing, these were your favourite songs. [Lyrics of the songs sang by Denise in January 2004  
(to listen to a song click on its title)] >>

Denise’s photos: download >>

All about Denise: watch >>

Denise: a child to save >>
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The path to conscience
[This message is for all the Heads of State and European governments…] Nonostante gli anni trascorrono, il mio pensiero è sempre lo stesso. >>  (Piera Maggio)


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Sito Ufficiale: www.cerchiamodenise.it - MISSING Denise Pipitone "Aiutaci a Trovarla" " Help us find her" " Nous aider à trouver" - Denise è Nata/Born on/Née le il 26/10/2000, Scomparsa/Disappearance/Disparue dal 01/09/2004 a Mazara del Vallo, (TP) Italy - Per informazioni utili/For useful information: 0039 340 5403309 - Official Web Site: www.cerchiamodenise.org - email: aiutiamo@cerchiamodenise.it / aiutiamo@cerchiamodenise.org -  Website: www.interpol.int/notice/search/missing -  In caso di avvistamento, rivolgersi subito al più vicino posto di commissariato dei Carabinieri (112) o di Polizia (113)./If you think you have seen her, please immediately contact your nearest Police Station./Si vous reconnaissez Denise, adressez-vous au plus vite au poste de Police le plus proche.- Denise ha Bisogno di Noi!!